H11 Headlight Fog light LED Bulb Lifetime LED Lights

H11 Headlight Fog light LED Bulb Lifetime LED Lights

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The H11 LED headlight bulbs are popular replacements for any vehicle. H11 LED headlight bulbs have the same H11 mounting base as your factory headlights or fog lights and the base is adjustable so you have the option of adjusting the beam pattern to fit your needs. Getting rid of dark spots are now a thing of the past because this H11 LED headlight bulb will rotate a full 360 degrees.

No need to extra wires or relay harnesses, the H11 LED headlight bulb will plug directly into your cars H11 factory plug. Very simple installation, just follow the directions in your vehicles owners manual. These install exactly like your factory headlight bulb, nothing special is required. The Cree chips used in these headlights are kept cool with a thermal heat sink attached to the H11 LED bulb. The large chunk of aluminum dissipates the heat without the use of a fan. The no-fan design means, no cooling issues in tight spaces, and no noise from a fan.

This series of light also has a separate lug for using a DRL (daytime running light). The small screw on the back of the bulb can be hooked up to any 12v power source to run the lower powered LED chips. Hooking this up is not necessary, it is an option for advanced installers. Wiring this in to a parking lamp, or ignition wire will create a lower output white LED light to illuminate, creating a DRL for cars that don't have them.

  • 1900 Lumens each bulb
  • Heat expelling aluminum construction
  • 360 degree adjustable base
  • No-Fan design
  • Cree LED chips
  • Factory Fit
  • Direct Plug in
  • Optional DRL hook up
  • No Modifications necessary
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sold as a pair