9006 LED Headlight Bulbs Lifetime LED Lights

9006 LED Headlight Bulbs Lifetime LED Lights

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Our 9006 9012 LED Headlight Bulbs carry a lifetime warranty and this price is for the pair. The 9006 LED Bulb is a single beam headlight that carries a waterproof rating of IP65.
Not only are our 9006 LED headlight bulbs proven to give you about 2.5 times the output of light than other standard halogen bulbs, but each of the 9006 LED headlight bulbs have 2200 lumens.
So why is the 9006 LED bulb replacing all other 9006 headlight bulbs? The answer is clear to see, the image below this description shows you the comparison in light quality between our 9006 LED headlight bulbs and the standard halogen bulbs that are being replaced.

Your headlights are as important to the safety of you and your passengers as any other part on your vehicle. Not only do you need the best lighting source to avoid collision from your view point, but you need to make sure that others can see you on the dark roads at night or during bad weather, including fog and rain.

When you plug our 9006 LED headlight bulbs into your factory socket, you can rest assured that you just increased your the safety of your driving adventures.
We've priced the 9006 LED Bulb as a pair. This 9006 bulb is a single beam headlight that requires no relay harness.

Lifetime LED Lights stands behind our products.  Each of our LED lights carry our Lifetime Warranty. Add the 9006 LED headlight bulbs to your cart and we'll get them shipped right out or find a dealer near you for quick pick up of your new 9006 LED Bulb.
Here are a few more details about the 9006 bulb:

  • Expected life span of the 9006 bulb is over 30,000 hours
  • You get 22 watts of power output with these single beam 9006 bulbs

The 9006 LED headlight bulbs are constructed of die cast aluminum - the design of these bulbs allow the bulb to be cool because of the heat dissipation construction. Even hours into running your new 9006 LED Headlight bulbs they will be safe to touch.

When compared to various other headlight bulbs, the 9006 LED bulb produces a light output pattern that is more fluid and is further than the competition.
You fan assembly is able to withstand being submersed under water without damaged to your bulbs. With the extreme weather patterns these days, it's nice to know your headlights won't fail when you need them most.

These 9006 LED headlight bulbs are Energy Star Compliant and have an energy savings of over 80 percent that of the standard Halogen bulbs.
Voltage: DC10V-DC32V